Falling Film Chiller Produces 0~1℃ Ice Water

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Falling film chiller is a Platecoil plate heat exchanger that cools water to your desired temperature. The special falling film structure of Platecoil can be widely used in ice making and cooling processes. This efficient and safe technology utilizes gravity to form a thin film on the entire surface of the Platecoil plate, achieving the effect of quickly cooling the liquid to near freezing point. The stainless steel falling film chillers are vertically installed in the stainless steel cabinet, with warm chilled water entering the top of the cabin and injected into the water distribution tray. The water distribution tray evenly passes the water flow through and falls on both sides of the cooling plate. The full flow and non-cyclic design of the pillow plate falling film chiller provides greater capacity and lower refrigerant pressure drop, achieving the fastest and most economical cooling.

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    What is Falling Film Chiller?

    Falling film chiller mainly consists of pillow plates evaporators and stainless-steel cabinet. It is a heat exchanger that cools water to your desired temperature, and this ice water is normally used to cool large quantities of product in a short amount of time. In the falling film chiller, the pillow plate evaporators transfer heat from a thin film of liquid falling on the outside of the plates. The refrigerant is passing through the internal channels of the pillow plates. Cooling of liquids over a wide temperature difference can easily be achieved.

    What is the Principle of Operation?

    Warm chilled water is pumped into the distribution tray and flows at a controlled rate from an over panel distribution through even down the outside of the Platecoil plates(also called pillow plates) into the tank. The internal channel of Platecoil plates passes through the cooling medium, and the warm chilled water and cooling medium exchange heat indirectly. The warm chilled water is cooled to the required temperature by the cooling medium. The cooling medium usually uses Freon, Ammonia, Glycol, as well as special constructions that can be operated with glycol present of the refrigerant.

    falling film chiller system

    What is the Platecoil Plate and Exterior Cabinet ?

    Platecoil plate is a special heat exchanger with a flat plate structure, formed by laser welding technology and inflated, with highly turbulent internal fluid flow, resulting in high heat transfer efficiency and uniform temperature distribution. lt can be designed and manufactured in different shapes and sizes according to customer's requirements. The exterior of the Platecoil plate is cabinet which designed with water distribution tray, outer door and so on. It can easily be cleaned, thanks to accessibility from all sides and space between the pillow plates evaporator.

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     Milk cooling production

    Blanching vegetables

    Poultry industry

    Cooling mussels/shrimp

    Cheese production

    Fish processing industry

    Bakery production

    Meat processing industry

    Construction industry (concrete)

    Chemical industries

    Pharmaceutical industries

    Coconut milk cooling

    1. Falling Film chiller for milk cooling
    2. Falling Film chiller for fruit cooling
    3. Falling Film water chiller for fish cooling
    4.  Falling Film water chiller for shrimp cooling
    5. Falling Film chiller for vegetable cooling
    6. Falling Film chiller for meat cooling
    7. Falling Film chiller for chicken cooling
    8. Falling Film chiller for bread cooling
    9. Falling Film chiller for cheese cooling
    10. falling film chiller for concrete cooling

    Product Advantages

    1. Continuous and stable supply of 0-1°C water.

    2. No mechanical distortion even when icing-up.

    3. High heat transfer coefficient and low operating cost.

    4. Platecoil plate structure for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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