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Bulk Solids Heat Exchanger Made with Pillow Plate Banks

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Bulk Solid Plate Heat Exchanger is a kind of plate type solid particles indirect heat transfer equipment, it can cool or heat virtually every type of bulk granules and powder flow products. The basis of the bulk solids heat exchanger technology is the gravity flow of product moving through a bank of laser welded plates heat exchanger.

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    What is Bulk Solids Heat Exchanger?

    Heat Soybean, Dry Soybean, bulk solids heat exchanger

    Bulk Sloids Heat Exchanger also are called power flow cooler, solid plate type cooler, etc., it’s an upgraded process of traditional rotary drum and fluidized bed cooler, this bulk solids heat exchanger own the core technology and design from the Canada Solex, Chemequip provide the advanced production equipments and super large manufacturing base and guarantee the high-efficient production capacity and shorten the delivery time.

    What is the Principle of Operation?

    1. In the bulk solid plate heat exchanger, the vertical bank of welded heat exchanger plates cools the water flowing through the plates (counter-flow to the product flow).

    2. Bulk solids pass slowly downward between the plates with adequate residence time to provide effective cooling of the product.

    3. Indirect cooling by conduction, no cooling air is required.

    4. A mass flow feeder regulates the solids flow at discharge.

    zuo-Potash Cooler, Cool Polymer, Cool DAP
    you-Sand Cooler,Cool Compound fertilizer,Cool Fertilizer

    Solex Business Views

    Solex bulk solids heat exchanger(power flow heat exchanger) has installed more than thousands sets of this type in fertilizer plants around the world, cooling virtually every type of granular and prill fertilizer like urea, ammonium nitrate, NPK’s, MAP, DAP, etc., the basis of the bulk solids heat exchanger technology is the gravity flow of product moving through a bank of welded heat exchanger plates, cooled with water.

    Why So Many Factories Install the Indirect Plate Heat Exchanger for Bulk Solids?

    1. Lower the packing temperature below 40℃, solving the caking problem.

    2. Reduce energy consumption and emission.

    3. Compact design with simple system.

    4. Easy to install with small installed space.

    5. Increase plant competitiveness.

    6. Low maintenance cost.

    The traditional fluid bed cooler or rotary drum cooler has to face the below problems

    1. High packing temperature causes product degrades and cakes during the storage.

    2. Energy consumption not sustainable due to very low profit margin.

    3. Emissions above the new limit legislation.


    1. Fertilizers – Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, NPK.

    2. Chemicals – Ammonium Sulphate, Soda Ash, Calcium Chloride.

    3. Plastics – Polyethylene, Nylon, PET Pellets, Polypropylene.

    4. Detergents and Phosphates.

    5. Food Products – Sugar, Salt, Seeds.

    6. Minerals – Sand, Resin coated Sand, Coals, Iron Carbide, Iron Ore.

    7. High temperature Materials – Catalyst, Activated Carbon.

    8. Bio Solids Granules.

    Urea Cooler
    Fertilizer cooler
    Salt Cooler
    Soybean dryer

    Product Advantages Compare with Air Cooling (Rotary or Fluid bed)

    1. Can achieve the efficient cooling without emissions.

    2. Gentle handling (low velocity).

    3. Lower energy consumption.

    4. Pillow plates heat exchanger with low maintenance, easy for cleaning.

    5. Vertical compact design with small area occupied.

    6. A simple system without moving parts.

    7. Dust and pollution prevention.

    What is the Platecoil Pillow Plates?

    Platecoil plate is a special heat exchanger with a flat plate structure, formed by laser welding technology and inflated, with highly turbulent internal fluid flow, resulting in high heat transfer efficiency and uniform temperature distribution. lt can be designed and manufactured in different shapes and sizes according to customer's requirements. 

    Fiber Laser Welded Machine for Pillow Plate, Dimple Plate
    double embossed plate, single emobssed pillow plate
    pillow plate bank for bulk solids heat exchanger
    Pillow Plate Bak Bulk Solids Cooler
    Bulk Solid Cooler, bulk solids heat exchanger, powder flow heat exchagner

    Our Laser Welding Machines for Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger

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